Introducing VinoSpa

You have landed on the newest skincare brand. VinoSpa is like no other brand on the market. Our science was discovered naturally and not in a lab. We boost the power of our ingredients by harnessing our signature ingredient, The Pinot Noir Noble Grape, and its red wine which contains naturally occurring resveratrol and polyphenols. These have been known for centuries to deliver powerful healing, age-defying antioxidants that, when applied to your skin, defend against negative environmental influences. They improve your skins elasticity and luminosity. We then infuse with essential oils for the mind, body, and soul. 

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Our Promise to You

Each ingredient is chosen based on its maximum proven results. We do not add chemicals, colors or fragrances.

We choose vegan, organic, local 1st, cruelty-free and sustainable ingredients.

We keep our ingredients raw so as not to destroy the hard-working probiotics.

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Our Values
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"Looking good doesn’t need to be toxic."

VinoSpa Wax Seal
VinoSpa's Wax Seal

VinoSpa's wax seal on every product ensures you are receiving authentic Noble Skincare using Pinor Noir from our Westcoast Vineyard in Canada.

It is our promise to you that you are receiving only the finest of ingredients, in products made by hand in small batches at our Winery.