Our Philosophy

Ingredients Matter

Our skincare line was created using pure, effective, beneficial, and all-natural ingredients found in nature’s bounty. We wouldn’t put anything into our skincare products that you wouldn’t want in your body. In addition to the skin-soothing benefits derived from the grape and vine, we use carefully selected plant-based ingredients - from beet root powder to replace unnatural dyes, to essential oils to replace fragrance.

Our products are made without contentious chemicals. We avoid: parabens, sulfates (SLS & SLES), phthalates, mineral oil/petroleum, silicones, artificial colours, and artificial fragrances.

We’re Inclusive, And So Are Our Products

Our skincare products are effective for all ages, skin types, and genders. Because our ingredients are carefully selected for their healing benefits, we’re able to develop a full line of products that work for everyone.

We also want you to make sustainable purchases. Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on dozens of products that clutter your cupboards, we’ve created skincare essentials that have multiple uses. Our Tone is used as an aftershave or pre-moisturizer, and our Oil is used as a beard oil, cuticle oil, hair masque and massage oil. It can even be added to Moisture and Butter to pump up the moisturizing strength. 

We’re Socially & Environmentally Sustainable

We make every effort to nourish both the skin and spirit in ecologically and socially responsible ways, giving back to you and future generations. We care about future generations and want to do our part to create healthy and liveable communities. Our vineyard is farmed using biodynamic principles - we use holistic and ecological practices that results in healthier soil and grapes. We know exactly where our ingredients come from and how they are made - all our products are designed, tested and made in Canada.

We are a brand that gives back. VinoSpa donates 1% of all profits to the Child Rescue Coalition, As well, another 1% of products are donated to those in need. These efforts support vulnerable children around the world, a cause which is close to the Founder’s heart. Learn more about our charitable impact here.