Essential Oils for Skincare

Essential oils Skincare with a side of aromatherapy... please.

Essential oils are amazing and have roots in ancient beauty rituals. Today their popularity continues to skyrocket, especially for those seeking natural skincare ingredients. They vary in quality and potency and some research should be done when using different oils. At VinoSpa, we source the very best quality locally from Green Valley on Vancouver Island, Canada and are very proud to use them in our VinoSpa products.

If you have ever had an aromatherapy massage or facial then you know how amazing the scents can be and they can stimulate or calm, soothe and enhance. We designed blends that have had wonderful feedback and we are excited to educate you on why you would purchase them and how to experience them. 

 I often am asked what I am wearing and
people are amazed that it is an
aromatherapy blend and not a perfume.

We use 4 different essential oil blends in our EO Rollers. Our Halo blend consists of Peppermint, Ylang Ylang and Amyris. These essential oils blended together create an amazing experience that can be used to replace perfume. When placed on wrists, or on your neck as your body heat warms the oils it creates a soothing aroma that is very pleasing to the senses. I often am asked what I am wearing and people are amazed that it is an aromatherapy blend and not a perfume. I particularly like Halo for headaches and when I feel one coming on I often will put a small amount under my nose and take several deep breaths in and allow the healing aroma of the Peppermint essential oil to start to assist in fading my headache. Amyris has traditionally been used medicinally and also in fragrances. It is often used for mediation. Ylang Ylang has been used to kill bacteria, promote relaxation and even lower blood pressure. 

I also use this blend on my pillows and will roll it onto my pillow at night to help me experience a wonderful deep sleep. I keep one in my purse as well and use it when I am feeling stressed and need to calm my mood. Simply take a deep breath in through the nose to the count of 4, and hold for 5 and then blow out using your mouth for 4. Feel the calmness take over your body, breathing in the amazing relaxing blends of Halo and blowing out the internal stress. Watch our next blog for Jack, another one of our wonderful blends using Bergamot, Amyris, Cypress and Vetivert aromatherapy oils. 

Caution: We do recommend that you are careful using blends when you are pregnant as some oils should be avoided as well if you have pets in the home some can bother your fur babies.


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