First Memories

First Memories

My first memory of VinoSpa was the samples I was gifted from Brenda at 40 Knots Winery. The beautiful jars took front stage in my bathroom, and added a richness to the décor.

The first night home with my VinoSpa, I had a long and relaxing bath, massaging the Scrub into my skin. I finished by smoothing the Butter all over my body. The Scrub left my skin feeling supple and smooth. The Butter smelled amazing and hydrated my normally dry skin with a lovely silky look and feel. I slipped into some cozy pyjamas, grabbed a book and curled up in bed, the most relaxed I had felt in years.

As I read my book I kept thinking about how great I felt and how good I smelled. I was so relaxed. My skin felt as though it were breathing in oxygen, and it had this new elasticity, my skin was given new life! I had a restful sleep and awoke refreshed and ready to start my day.

Later that evening, as I pulled out my pyjamas from the night before, I realized the beautiful aroma of the essential oil blend in VinoSpa was still lingering from the night before. It brought me right back to that happy state I felt when I first tried it. Clean, relaxing and refreshing.

I received such joy and relaxation from this experience, I purchased a few gorgeous new things to wear in the evening. I just couldn’t imagine missing a night where VinoSpa wasn’t part of my regime. I couldn’t wait to enjoy a spa at home with my VinoSpa. I had the most amazing soak in the tub, this time with my Noble Spa. I followed it up with my Scrub and Butter. I slipped into moments of awe and then into dream land.

This regime was the easiest regime to make into a habit. I began to crave my evenings when I would be transported to relaxation. My skin has become so soft and supple and I find I rarely put on perfume as my skin has the soft scent of essential oils. I love how I take a deep breathe in and am surrounded with a gentle aroma that fills my senses with an immediate state of relaxation.

I can’t wait for you to try VinoSpa Noble Skincare. You deserve this. Allow VinoSpa to touch all your senses and achieve glowing healthy skin. I am especially excited to hear of your experience. 


Gayle Miller

I have always wanted to write. I am honoured to be invited to write for 40Knots.

I hope to entice you into following me on my passions and adventures.