Summer, Sun and Protecting our Face

Summer, Sun and Protecting our Face

I started wearing a hat a few years ago when I was traveling to Grand Cayman. Prior to wearing my hats, I noticed not only was I sporting an amazing tan but once the tan would fade, sun spots were staying behind. This made me consider the affects of Summer, sun and protecting our face.

I was introduced to VinoSpa by  Brenda Hetman-Craig of 40 Knots Winery and have since ditched my arsenal of different skin care and have committed to the amazing skin care they have created using products that are grown ethically in their vineyard.

I noticed that my skin was starting to become smoother, less dry areas and a new glow. 

I noticed that my skin was starting to become smoother, less dry areas and a new glow. After a few months I noticed I was missing some of the sunspots that had previously been bothering me. My skincare program had become simpler, but seemed to be more effective and the results were undeniable.

I would use the  VinoSpa Facial Cleanse in the evening, massaging it in gently while feeling the light exfoliation from the grape skins and seeds. The lactic acid is amazing in sloughing off dry dead skin, as well as providing anti-aging protection. I can’t even speak to the wonderful smells that surround ones senses while you indulge in your nightly or morning cleanse. VinoSpa Tone is my next step and the refreshing experience from the combination of products and Lees leave the skin feeling clean while restoring the pH levels.

Finally I massage the  Moisture into my skin enjoying the glide of the natural butters and feeling the days demands disappear. My skin has an amazing glow and I am so ready to relax and feel my skin repair itself with all of the natural healing protection that I just massaged into it.

After a year, I am wearing my amazing hats but my skin has never looked better and the age spots have faded thanks to the incredible results that my VinoSpa has provided. 

If you are familiar with and like the brand Caudalie but you are looking for a local sustainable vegan alternative, look to VinoSpa for your skincare needs.


Gayle Miller

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