Vinotherapy for Dry Skin

Have you tried Vinotherapy for Dry Skin?

Are you getting dry? The season is changing and so are your skincare needs. Have you ever thought of trying Vinotherapy for dry skin?

As we approach winter months the dryness takes over from colder weather, heaters turned on, outdoor activities and simply decongestion of our skin. Facials are important, and can be done in a spa setting or in our homes as we have become accustomed to.

It is so important to exfoliate and remove congestion. The skin becomes thick with dead skin cells after summer and tanning and lotion usage and so this is the best time to start fresh for healthy winter skin.

Can you feel bumps on your skin if you close your eyes and run your fingertips over your face or body skin?

Get out your exfoliation, we happily recommend our VinoSpa Facial Cleanse for your face or our VinoSpa Body Scrub for your Body. 

Start out with a regimen of 2 to 3 times a week and adjust accordingly if you notice your skin is drying out or becoming sensitive. 

Start out with a regimen of 2 to 3 times a week and adjust accordingly if you notice your skin is drying out or becoming sensitive. Once your skin is back on track, usually once a week will keep things smooth and healthy. It is so important to follow with a good Tone to keep your pH normal. This helps to keep breakouts at bay and your skin glowing and smooth.

Moisture is super important at any time of the year, but when the cooler weather is upon us, sometimes more is needed. You will notice more redness and dryness and this is the time to amp up your moisture. Take the time to really enjoy the feeling of massaging it into your skin, facial or body. As your skin absorbs it and eats it up, you will be rewarded with a wonderful glow without dry patches or redness. For hands and feet even try cotton gloves at night to protect and help hold the moisture in.

Add a humidifier to your home, if you keep a wood fire going. It will help to add moisture to your house. Even without a fireplace, electric heat is also very drying. Always add moisturizer right after a bath or face wash. Wear soft breathable clothes that are kind to the skin. Don't forget to drink lots of water and look for products that carry Vitamin E as they help to keep the skin moist and healthy.

Happy winterizing your skin care needs! Remember we offer consultations on our products and are happy to personalize your needs this winter as you find your skin changing and needing a little bit more.


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