Waves of Tranquility

VinoSpa's beautiful background on the labels is from a section of the painting "Waves of Tranquility". 

The painting was commissioned by our Founder and created by a local Lion's Bay artist, Monica Gewurz. 

The Founder chose this artist for her incredible talent with nature’s geometric repetitions, patinas, and time-worn layers of archaeological sites. Monica's Master's degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning is apparent in all her work. The artist used 40 Knot's Safe Haven wine and lees as the medium and successfully brought the Founder's vision to the painting. Upon gazing into the painting, it evokes feelings of ultimate relaxation which one receives when living by the Salish Sea on the Westcoast, and the waves of relaxation one receive in a spa experience.


Gayle Miller

I have always wanted to write. I am honoured to be invited to write for 40Knots.

I hope to entice you into following me on my passions and adventures.