What Is My Skin Type?

What Is My Skin Type?

Here’s How to Tell and Care for It

What Is My Skin Type?   This is a question that I am often asked along with, how do I find out my skin type? 

The fact is, your skin is unique. Nobody has the exact same skin as you, but most of us will fall into one of the major categories. 

You can take the VinoSpa skin type quiz to help you figure out how to characterize your unique skin so you can choose the proper skincare regimen for you. 

Read below little bit about your potential category or skin issue. 

Dry Skin: Often Dry skin is characterized by thin, flaking and decongested skin and just needs some TLC and lots of Moisture. It can be a problem from within, but it is also a condition that can be corrected externally with a good regimen. After years of working within the beauty industry I have seen almost 90% of dry skin become normal skin with the right balance. Exfoliation, masque and continued moisture is the key. Come on a healthy skin adventure with us and VinoSpa Dry Skin Regimen, and we promise you that with our help and amazing healing products, you will be putting your dry skin behind you. 

Oily Skin:  The key with Oily skin is to find the balance between having too much oil and keeping a moisturized skin. Cleansing is a huge tool for this type of skin, and sometimes it means three times a day when the skin is really at its worst. Many things affect this type of skin, from greasy foods, to hormones, aging and stress. We believe that we have a healthy skincare regimen that will help you to find that balance. We have a few choices for exfoliation and cleansing, as well as masquing and a wonderful Moisture product that will help you to get the hydration needed but keep the oiliness at bay. 

Acne: Masquing and Toning is so important with this skin type and it is often easily fixed. Sometimes, medical assistance is needed or something is going on inside the body but generally a good regimen with active products will bring the desired results. This skin tends to be blemish prone, and has pimples and irritation. Cleansing, exfoliation, Tone, weekly Masquing and needed Moisture all work together to provide a smooth, healed skin. We are excited to share our Acne Regimen with you and work closely with you to find the right regimen that provides you with the much needed results that you are searching for. 

Eczema:  Atopic dermatitis is generally the result of genetics, environmental triggers, stress, and immune system activation. Sum it all up into layman terms, your immune system. Your skin may be from internal issues again, or a reaction to topical products, allergens, etc. Many times you will need to seek medical assistance but we have had such good feedback with our healthy products that we feel confident that without making claims, we feel we can assist you in finding a balance and a regimen that will help you regain a healthy skin type. 

Rosacea:  Typically this skin type presents itself with redness, inflammation and small patches of bumps generally in the cheeks, chin, and nasal area. It is very important to maintain a gentle but healthy skin care regimen that helps to calm the skin while taking care of it. This skin type reacts to many environmental exposures and products and so we recommend that you work closely with our in-house esthetician and find the best regimen . 

Normal: This skin type is simple to work with and a good regimen will keep it healthy, normal and prevent early aging. It is never too early to get on a skin care regimen and we have a fantastic routine, with result oriented products to suit your requirements at any age. Shaving/Waxing We are so excited to offer up a specialized skin regimen that is designed for shaving, facial, body and waxing. It is so important to balance and hydrate the skin and alleviate any irritation during these processes. These healing products will enhance your skin and provide healing and moisture that = healthy glowing skin. 

Sunburns and Damage: Created by nature and some insider knowledge we feel we have an amazing group of products that will aid in a quick turnabout when you have exposed yourself to a little too much of outdoor environment. It could be sun or wind exposure but the skin often looks chafed or burned. Hydration and healing are so important and our regimen will get you on the right track. 

Tattoo and Permanent Make-up:  Healing and enhancing are the main goals. Keeping them hydrated and looking new. Hydration is the secret to your success. We have seen old faded tattoos look fresh and new with our regimen. Exfoliation and hydration will change the look of tattoos and permanent makeup. Once it has healed you are ready to work with our regimen and keep it looking fresh and new.

It is important that you work with our in-house esthetician and a personalized skin regimen. 
We offer a complimentary consultation by phone booked through our Calendly program. 


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