Kaolin Clay

What is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin clay is a startling white clay because of its purity. It does not have any heavy minerals or toxins you may find with other clays. Kaolin's texture is talcum powder-soft and odorless.

Kaolin was first found in the 7th and 8th Centuries in China. It was named Kao-ling clay from the name of the hill where it was first mined. The clay was used for skincare, ingestion for ailments, and even to make beautiful porcelain dishware.

At VinoSpa we take tremendous effort to source the finest of ingredients in our products. Ingredients are chosen first, for the greatest benefit to your skin. Then we take time to ensure those ingredients are ethically farmed and manufactured in natural and sustainable conditions. Now, we further look for ethical distributors that we trust, ensuring they deliver what we actually purchase.

It is a tricky business that takes a considerable effort, but you are worth it. Your trust in us is worth it. Labels of ingredients indicate to you what raw ingredients were used in the making of the products, but just as you know when shopping for groceries, not all apples are equal. When you see ingredients on VinoSpa labels, you can trust that we have taken great care to source the finest of ingredients. This blog is about Kaolin Clay. There are lots of sources for Kaolin, and we believe we have sourced the best Kaolin for you.

VinoSpa Kaolin Source: Some of the finest Kaolin Clays in the world have been found in Oregon, which is where we source our Kaolin Clay for VinoSpa. Kaolin is found in VinoSpa Facial CleanseFacial Masque, and Body Masque  It has been mined here since 1901.

Kaolin Clay in Your Skincare Regime

Kaolin for oily skin: Kaolin clay will absorb excess oil from the surface, keeping the pores unclogged. This makes it an important addition to a masque.

Kaolin for Cleansing: Kaolin has a cleansing agent that removes dirt and impurities, making it a great cleanser product, as it is very gentle and won't leave the skin feeling stripped but nice and clean.

Kaolin for acne and exfoliation: As an exfoliator, it draws out the smallest bits of dirt and grime, pollutants, and bacteria, leaving the skin smooth and acne issues at bay.

Kaolin for Healing: Kaolin Clay has healing properties, calming insect bites, rashes, and inflammation. It helps to pull the redness out of the skin when irritated.

Kaolin for even skin tone: Kaolin evens out complexions when used consistently.

So how do you get the greatest benefit?

Kaolin is safe for all skin types, however, skin types require different frequencies of use or regimes. If you would like to know how best to use VinoSpa products for your skin type, contact me for a quick consultation. (link here)

As a 30 year esthetician, I always tell people, I understand that life is busy, and sometimes we don't follow a proper regime, but please, if you do just one thing for your skin, treat it to a masque. A masque can correct all those bad behaviors! For more on masquing, see my blog on Masquing.

Let Kaolin help bring out your inner radiance!


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